kurosawa kawara-ten



This laundromat is located in the about 30 years old suburban complex that is made up with the detached houses and the collective houses.
In recent years, some cozy laundromats with nice interiors and amenities are seen often in the out side of Japan, also in here, the number of such a laundromat with a coffee shop is increasing especially in Tokyo.However, in a residential area of Ichihara, people wash in a space where is filled with cheap and too much decorations.
Though it is not bad that people in the suburb spends sometimes in a better space and has a nice life. We designed the laundromat with a rich interior to make their daily life wealthier.

In this project, we suggested the name "LAUN - DRY (lάʊn-drάɪ)" to the owner. Because this store actually is occupied most space with drying machines, the hyphenation emphasizes the character of the shop. And we want them to use the new space as a laundry room like a lounge(lάʊndʒ). We decided the theme of the shop as “laundry room of the town". We aimed to change the shop from just a place to use a large washing and drying machine into a place to use it as a people’ s extended laundry room in the town.

We didn’t select fake interiors like a wallpaper just textured their surface as stucco or stone, to make people feels their daily life is a little nice by using this shop. And we selected interior materials such as can get a vintage or be aged by lots of people using it.
At first we suggested a denim fabric for both the wall and the floor, and proposed a rough and tasteful space like a fashion with jeans together a denim jacket. Finally, the owner decided a denim fabric only on the wall.

The materials used for the interior of the laundromat, the denim fabric on the wall, the lumber and the ash wood for the furniture, the stainless steel for the furniture top plate, are all chosen the real materials. The denim changes color and gets more taste, the wood gets more gloss. The stainless steel gets scratches and gets shine soften.
Surrounded by such materials in this space, people could spent more tasteful life we believe. Their thoughts would be changed deterioration to save lives and histories.

Also furnitures used in the shop are newly designed by us. Because we planed that the presence of them harmonized with the interior makes the time more relax like the lounge.
And, the new chimney was thrust out on the roof, and a glass was put for leading the natural light to inside of the shop.
The sunshine makes users feeling more comfortable and cleaner of the laundromat, and it has the mean as a symbol of the laundry room of town. It gave a charm point to make this shop looks like a house.

In the process of development with rationality of Japanese society, we think that it makes us lose a lot of values and wealth. We have been surrounded unconsiousnessly by lots of fake and disposable items, and have become too sensitive to scratches and dirt.
We expect this laundromat will be one opportunity, by touching of the real tastefulness interiors, people living here can be feel their life little better than ever. And they think it will be a little fun in rainy days.