kurosawa kawara-ten


cobuke coffee

It's is in fashion called “Indies”. It maybe passed about three years ago that boom of the peak. But, its wave of fashion has spread out even very normal suburb of Tokyo. And, the coffee is always the center of this movement.

It's increasing the cafe drip each cups of coffee and care those as if they was some decades of vintage scotch whisky or the red wine of bordeaux of great year. They don't think the coffee is just caffeine but it is the way to express their uniqueness. We plan the cafe as such a speciality coffee using in the end of the Chiba-city.
The area is very industrial and residential.

There are elder people and women with their little children in week day. The owner of the cafe think they are the main user and target. Then the cafe was needed to give them the special experience.

The space was planed to renovate the original warehouse by made the wall to middle of the building. The concept of the cafe was decided as “Right cafe”. We aimed to remove some typical mistake of normal cafe in the suburb of Japan.

Photo : Yoichi Onoda