kurosawa kawara-ten



2021.11.17How to live with old buildings. Session 01 Akiko Okabe

The decision was made to demolish the wooden building of the University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science's Second Engineering Department in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, in 2021. Many scholars, mainly from Chiba University's Ebara Laboratory, gathered their opinions and requests for preservation, but the University of Tokyo, the owner of the building, and Chiba University, the transferee, did not accept them. In Japan, where the economy is stagnant, the population is shrinking, and the importance of preserving the global environment has long been recognized, we asked people who are preserving, utilizing, or documenting old buildings to join architectural historian Sumiko Ebara and This is a series of interviews with people who are preserving, utilizing and documenting old buildings, by architectural historian Sumiko Ebara and kurosawa kawara-ten Kurosawa.