kurosawa kawara-ten


House for O

We planned a new house project replacing the old one in the suburb of Chiba where surrounded by houses built 30 or 40 years ago. We thought we could propose the new type of suburb house by the spaces which builders or ready made houses lost for efficiency.

Its area space is about 150㎡, partially 2 story mostly one floor. The plan was made up with some demanded boxes as bedroom, bathroom or closet are arranged to needed space and finally covered by big gable roof. Therefor no rooms has the next door. And if we call the space like corridor as “Open space”, the living and dining space is one part of it. The open space has a loose sequentiality as though the sights can

through spaces are divided which is made by the kitchen counter and hanging wall or the wall of kid’s room without doors. Besides, this sequentiality has some suggestions as the carpet away from the walls or islands like tiles in the dining room.

The roof of the kid’s room made by glasses as a sky light. There are fixed windows both sides of the toilet room and the wide window on the wall of the dining space or sliding windows on the entrance side and the garden side. These windows make the sight as we can see the view of back through the kid’s room.

These two elements the open space and the sight through they are thought as no use options for one kind of efficiency for the normal houses or apartments. But these elements no use for directly their daily life is the things should be re-obtained. And new generation of the suburban houses has the communication and the life style made by these elements.

Photo: Yoichi Onoda